Section 1. Each subordinate Chapter  is, and will always be, under the direction and control of the SOUTH  CAROLINA Regional Group.

a.         Each subordinate Chapter will have no official standing outside of the parent Regional Group.

Each  subordinate Chapter shall have an identifiable name (example: Lizard  Thicket Chapter of the SOUTH CAROLINA Regional Group) members must be  BVA members in good standing.

Section 3. Chapters may have and elect their own officers, subject to the following restrictions:

a.         Chapter officers will be titled as specified in the SOUTH CAROLINA Regional Group Bylaws.

b.         Terms of Chapter officers shall be consistent with the terms of the respective

c.          Chapter officers may not serve simultaneously as Regional Group  officers, with the exception that a Chapter President may serve on the  SOUTH CAROLINA Regional Group Executive Committee.

Section 4. Chapters may schedule and hold their own meetings.

a.          Written minutes of each Chapter meeting must be prepared and forwarded  to the Regional Group Secretary/Treasurer within 60 days of such  meeting, and will be read at the next Regional Group meeting.

b.         The Regional Group may hold meetings in Chapter locations on a rotating basis.

c.         A Chapter representative should attend each Regional Group meeting.

Section  5. Chapter officers may request, through the Regional Group, name  labels and printouts from BVA National Headquarters in order to send out  Chapter meeting notices, notify members of Chapter activities, and to  recruit BVA members.

Section 6. Chapters may not incorporate.

Section  7. A quorum at Chapter meetings shall be five (5) BVA members in good  standing residing in the Chapter area, of which two (2) must be Chapter  officers (one will be either the Chapter President or the Vice  President).

Section 8. Chapters may not engage in fund-raising  activities unless the Regional Group has sought and obtained approval  from the BVA National Board of Directors.

Section 9. Chapters may not open separate bank accounts.

a.          Funds earmarked for each Chapter should be maintained by the Regional  Group, and distributed, upon approval, as requested.

b.          Funds for distribution to a Chapter must be approved at a Regional Group  meeting, or by the Executive Committee for approval at the following  membership meeting.

c.          Monies retained at the Chapter level shall be maintained as a petty  cash fund, not to exceed $75.00; the Chapter shall forward a Treasurer's  report to the Regional Group Secretary/Treasurer by June 30 of each  year.

When a Chapter is established, the SOUTH CAROLINA Regional  Group will provide a one-time allocation of $75.00 to start the Chapter  petty cash fund.

Section 10. A Chapter may be approved or dissolved by a majority vote of a properly convened Regional Group meeting.

a.          A Chapter may be dissolved for failure to comply with the Regional  Group Bylaws, or for other compelling reason(s) as determined by the  Regional Group Executive Committee and/or the membership.

b.          A Chapter which has been dissolved shall immediately turn over all of  its assets, including books, records, property and funds, to the  Regional Group.

Section 11. Each Chapter shall have a specific  geographical description in its title, and the geographical area it  encompasses within the Regional Group area will be specified (i.e.,  counties included in the area), keeping in mind that a Chapter should  have a local focus.

Section 12. Chapters should be organized in  major metropolitan areas, preferably those areas with a VA Medical  Center or Outpatient Clinic.

Section 13. Chapters are not authorized to apply to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for chapter tax-exempt status.S