Section 1. Membership dues for members  of the Regional Group, and the regulations governing payment of such  dues, are as specified in Article X (Dues) of the current edition of the  BVA National Bylaws, as amended.

Section 2. All sums received by  the Treasurer shall be placed by him/her in a bank designated by  members of the Executive Committee or the membership. The bank account  shall be in the name of the SOUTH CAROLINA Regional Group.

Section  3. Funds of the Regional Group shall be dispensed only by checks drawn  by the Treasurer in conformity with a budget adopted by the membership.

Section  4. No fund-raising endeavor involving an appeal for funds to the  general public shall be undertaken without authorization by a Regional  Group meeting and prior approval of the National Board of Directors  (refer to Section 13e of Article XIV (Regional Groups) of the current  edition of the BVA National Bylaws, as amended).